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Xact Thermo Base Layer

Gilbert's range of Under Shirts offer non-restrictive, durable and lightweight comfort on the rugby field, the Xact Pro range has been designed to meet every requirement of a modern player. The Undershirts are also part of the impressive Teamwear range, for more information please download our Teamwear brochure.
Key d=features of the Xact Pro base layer:
Double sided fabric for optimum thermal protection
Wicks moisture from the skin
Circulates body heat
Compression Fit - Ultra tight fit acts as second skin
Flat long sleeves
The Xact Pro undershirts are cut to fit tightly to the body to reduce muscle vibration, a key factor in energy loss and tissue damage. The garments keep the muscles compact during activity by acting as a second skin. This speeds up recovery time after a hard training session or tough game.
Xact Pro shirts employ superior performance fabrics to provide essential thermo regulation benefits; the shirts are designed to have maximum contact with the body, allowing sweat to evaporate faster. Sweat molecules are transported through the fabric and dispersed instantly over a larger area to maximise evaporation.